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More than two decades of research has gone into identifying what it takes to make room for you to bloom and thrive in this busy world.

The result is a simple practice to end uncertainty and make confident decisions which lead to more love, satisfaction, and adoration then you've ever experienced before.

It's my privilege to share this practice with you.

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Pick up Your copy now

Hi. I'm Ken Bechtel.


I'm the author of Follow Your YES, the book that provides you with practical steps to help you grow into your fullest expression from the inside out, so you can live the fulfilling life you came here to live. My work has been shared on both live and virtual stages throughout the world. Click the button below to learn more about me and my work.


Life these days life can be full of choices. What to do? When to do it? Who to do it with and on and on. All this uncertainty can lead us to doing things that really don't align with what we know is best for us.

Often we feel obligated to say yes to things when we really want to say no. The result being a life that is difficult, confusing and not all that joyful.

The good news is following your YES is the solution for all this. The Follow Your YES Program is a simple step-by-step system for tuning into, trusting, and following your YES with ease.

By following your YES it simplifies the process of making choices, clarifies your next step, and amplifies the level of joy and fulfillment you feel everyday.

How does that sound?

I want to follow my YES

In Case You Were Wondering...

"Seriously - Ken is amazing!"

Thank you for teaching me how to own what I need to be my best self. It really does work, Ken! It allows me to speak my truth, respect myself and the other person, and it fosters respectful communication. I'm loving it!

Zelia - Toronto, Canada 


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