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They tell me this is an "about" page, and I'm supposed to tell you all about myself. So if that kind of thing interests you take a scroll down the page and see what I have for you.

A seed does not grow without transforming and neither will you...

I have been a student and teacher of transformation for over two decades now. I learned growing up on our family's farm in the Midwest that not only does a seed need to transform to grow, but they tend to grow at different rates. The rate at which you grow is not as important as that you actually grow. The seeds that didn't grow were what we called "duds". The last thing I wanted to be was a "dud" so I chose to grow and transform. It's not always been easy, but I'm excited to continue to evolve and grow today.


I've had the privilege to work with students from every corner of the planet. When I am teaching, speaking or writing I see my role not so much about imparting knowledge from the outside as it is about connecting you with the divine knowledge you have inside. Much like the Divine inside of a seed catalyzes the rain and the sun for it to grow, it is the Divine inside of you that guides you so you grow. I'm here to help you connect with your divine guidance. It's a lot of fun and a privilege to be able to assist in this way.

The little guy sitting in my lap is Mikey.

He's a dog friend of mine. He likes to proofread when I'm writing. We make a pretty good team, but we're not perfect so please accept our apologies for any typos. 

I'm on a mission

I believe that much like a rose we all have unique gifts inside that we are meant to share with the world.

I am on a mission to help the world be filled with blooming roses; people who are living their fullest expression, who have found their voice, reconnected with their Inner Authority, and are confidently sharing their gifts with the world. This is made possible through the power of following your YES. 

Following your YES is living your life in alignment with your highest good and being your best self which is when you are your most powerful. This is the power to give, to receive, to contribute and to love. And the truth is, it doesn’t matter if you are a rose, a petunia, a tulip or a cactus, following your YES will still work for you. 

“A rose does not need to rid itself of all of its thorns before it can bloom and neither do you.”


The perfect



  • You are eager to tap into a superpower you didn’t know you had and follow your YES instead of wasting more of your life floundering around chasing Maybes.
  • You are tired of denying your heart’s desires and continuing to do what you think you “should” do or following along with what others expect of you instead of living your truth.
  • You are ready to let your past be just that, the past, and focus on being the best you can be with what you have right now and growing from here. 
  • You're excited to move out of overwhelm, uncertainty and procrastination and into the love, prosperity and the happiness that comes from living your truth with ease and confidence.

Did you learn what you were hoping to by reading this page? 

I hope you learned that I’m a good person. That I care. That I love what I do. And that I’d consider it a privilege to guide you in following your YES so you can bloom and attract the people, opportunities and experiences that support you in being your best.

Have a good rest your day.

Oh and did I mention I'm an author too? You can find out more about my book Follow Your YES by clicking on the title.  


Here's how I can help

Wondering if I can help you with your specific challenges?

I invite you to schedule a 30 minute discovery call with me. 

I will personally work with you to nail down what’s been holding you back, clarify your goals and desires, and create a step-by-step plan to be following your YES in no time.


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