On This Episode of The Love Fix You'll Hear:

  • How to know what is your “YES” so you can follow it?
  • When dating, how do you stay positive when your internal voices tell you otherwise?
  • How you can learn to let go of the outcome and be more in the moment.
  • What is even better than confidence when you are feeling uncertain.
  • How following your YES can help you move away from toxic or codependent relationships.
  • How you can follow your YES even if you’re suffering from trauma or PTSD.

It’s never too late to start over and begin again.

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Want to Hear Me be Interviewed by a Clown?

Join Emma Stroud and her clown Barbara as they interview me about Following Your YES. 

You will hear stories, wisdom and wit.

This is personal development that will make you laugh and think.

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Today on Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...

Feeling uncertain about what your future holds? Join us to learn insider strategies on how you can (finally) overcome overwhelm so you answer the call on your life to share your gifts with the world.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • how you can build shattered confidence (even in hard times)
  • how to receive divine direction when you feel lost
  • how to build your “faith muscles” in the Universe’s divine plan for you

And much, much more! You deserve to live your life in its fullest expression and to follow your very own personal yes. And what better day to begin than today?

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This week on Mastering Overwhelm:

● The decision-making process and how to distinguish whether it’s an “internal yes” or an intellectual justification

● How feelings push us forward and guide us through life

● The discovery of Only 10s and how to declutter our minds of shiny objects

● The fear of missing out and how following your “yes” can become a gift to the people in your life

● “Maybe-land” and the importance of letting yourself be a beginner

● Productivity, overwhelm, and following your “YES”

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Following your YES in business 

Listen now to learn:

  • If following your YES the same as growing a dream business or living a dream lifestyle.
  • Why so many of us struggle to follow our YES.
  • How following your YES can eliminate overwhelm.
  • The #1 thing that keeps us from following our YES and much more.
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